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Ballard, Libby


Working from my garden studio in Trowbridge I love creating functional pieces that have been carefully designed so that they add to your whole dining experience. In the hope that they become that favourite mug you enjoy your morning cuppa in or that perfect planter that holds your favourite plant to add to your plant family. My ceramic journey started back at school where I first fell in love with clay as a material. I then carried on making and enjoying working with my hands so I decided to take my degree in 3D materials practice (Wood, Metal, ceramics & plastics) at Brighton University. Here I refined my skills and began to find my style. Having grown up on the Isle of Wight the coast has always been a huge influence to me and this only grew when studying at Brighton. ​I want my ceramics to have a relaxing and calming feel to them, the same feeling that I get when I visit the coast and look out to sea. All my products are made from a flecked Stoneware Clay that are mixed from a blend of two clays. They are individually hand thrown on the potter’s wheel starting from a ball of clay, it takes between 2-3 weeks for each piece to be completed. I use a blend of glazes layered over each other like you would find may layers when looking out to the horizon.

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