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Politis, Phaedra


As an artist, I have always worked in glass. As a medium for art, glass has unique qualities and once installed a Glass Art Work has an almost ‘living’ quality. It responds to movement through reflections and shimmers and also to the changing hues of the day by seemingly altering it’s colours, tones and mood. It has fluidity, and its transparency glistens with an ephemeral quality evoking a sense of calm. Even when vibrant colours and textures have been used, it will invigorate the spirit without being overwhelming and loud. Glass and light are in sync and no other medium, in my opinion is as responsive and engaging. Over the last 15 years that I have been working with glass I have been developing my style and experimenting with different glass fusing techniques but there's always more to discover! I'm obviously on a long journey with this most unforgiving of mediums, but I like the challenge!

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