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Ashkowski, Shelley

Drawing and Painting

Shelley Ashkowski studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her BA (Hons) and PGCE took her into a teaching career for nearly 20 years, before she decided to embrace her passion for art as a full time freelance artist. Shelley enjoys observing everyday life in urban settings so people and places have become a key feature of much of her work. "My work is a commentary on the modern world. The urban landscape presents a conflicting scene: beautiful and ugly; quiet and chaotic; a place of happiness and sadness. Through my work I seek to observe the turbulent relationship between man and the world he created." Shelley's work is widely recognised for its painstaking attention to detail and level of precision. Shelley's most recent series of work explores the structures and symbolism of religious buildings. Her portfolio includes studies of churches and cathedrals and there is a particular emphasis on the stories told in stained glass windows of these buildings. Shelley has exhibited her work in London and Bath as well as a number of local establishments and has a keen following on social media. She is a loyal member of her local community and has supported a range of charities and other causes through donation of art works.

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