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Kuratle, Sonja


After doing a ceramics BA at art college and a postgraduate arts teaching certificate, I continued making ceramics and teaching art in the community. My ceramics workshop is now at Stowford Manor Farm, Wingfield, near Trowbridge, BA14 9LH. I also run workshops for individuals or family groups there. I make functional ceramics using porcelain or white stoneware clay. These vary in size and are thrown vases, jugs, mugs and bowls. I also make bird models, clay pictures and large coiled vases. They are decorated using brushed-on coloured slips or cobalt oxide. They are then incised and finally glazed. I enjoy the notion that my pottery may be in everyday use by the buyers. The natural landscape is my inspiration, and needs celebrating. Our wildlife is dwindling. I feel strongly about the fact that nature is disappearing because of human activity.

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