Finding a Venue

It is an artist’s responsibility to find and organise a venue for their exhibition. However we would can do our best to support you in this by posting on there of any possible venues looking for artists or emailing out to the membership.

If you know of, or are able to offer, exhibition space that would be great! Please email the details to Elisa Amor. so we can upload details to the website.

We also encourage you to share information on our Facebook page to help other artists needing to find a space or to let others know you’re looking to share a space.

Here are a few things to consider when sorting where to exhibit:

  • If your studio or workshop is at home, you may find this the best option. As some visitors like to see an artist in their own environment.
  • If you would prefer not to exhibit from home, you may wish to create your own group of artists and find a larger venue to share.

When choosing a venue, please keep in mind:

  • Some visitors may prefer not to visit a private home, whereas others may prefer to visit an artist in their own environment.
    Groups of artists are more likely to attract greater footfall than solo artists.
  • You may want to approach venues with other facilities, such as a café, shop, leisure centre, however some venues who don’t normally promote the arts may need extra encouragement with the signage and exhibition promotion or when it comes to pubs, cafés, etc it may be difficult for visitors to view the art work. You will also need to find a venue that is open during the days/times the Art Week is on.

Please also consider parking and disabled access when choosing a venue, as we feel it’s very important that everyone has a successful time showcasing and visiting during The Cloth Road Arts Week.