Help and Information – Filling Out the Entry Form

Cloth Road Arts Week
Saturday 05 May 2018 – Sunday 13 May 2018

We have tried to make the entry process as easy as possible for you. We would ask that you read the Exhibition Entry information including the terms and conditions of entry and the key dates before you start your submission.

Exhibition entry information – submitting your form correctly

Here are some basic tips for when you are completing your submission.

If you are exhibiting as part of a shared venue, then please ensure that all of the artists exhibiting use the same address information to include the post code. Please note that this is beneficial to you to promote your venue and the artist (s) exhibiting. Please coordinate your venue opening times.

Website box: only the basic website address can be printed.

Statement section: there is a maximum wording of 25 words for this section. Please keep within the criteria to ensure that your statement does not have to be shortened due to the space limitations within the brochure.

Directions to the venue: if an artist is sharing a venue please ensure that everyone sharing uses the same directions and perhaps limit the characters used.

Disabled access: If an artist is sharing a venue please ensure that everyone sharing uses the same access details.

Opening times and dates: Please ensure that you complete this section in full. Please ensure that this is consistent with all members of any shared venue.

Please ensure that your image is of high quality and meets the criteria on the form. We reserve the right to crop images for design purposes but it is very important to ensure that your image is of high quality and will not lose resolution and quality by having to be cropped.

Please read through carefully before you submit as there will not be an opportunity to make any changes after this time. Your submission will be final. Please note there is no refund policy.

Venue information:
Cloth Road Arts Week venue and artist information will be contained within the brochure as well as on the website. However, it will be the artist (s) responsibility to promote your own venue to help with the visitor numbers. If you plan to hold an opening night/private view, this again will have to be advertised by the artist or exhibitors at a shared venue.

Cloth Road Arts Week committee cannot be made responsible for the promotion of your venue other than promotion through the website and within the brochure.

If you are interested but do not have a venue, please visit the website to see if a venue is available for you (See ‘Finding a Venue’ as this page will be updated when we know of anyone looking for artists. You may also be able to publicise that you are looking for a venue on the website, please contact us to do so.

It is important to search for a venue if you are interested in taking part. Please bear in mind the cut off date of the 30 November 2017 for submissions.

Terms and Conditions of entry:
There will be one entry per artist. The entry fee of £75 will include one image of your choice and one column in the Cloth Road Arts Week brochure plus inclusion on the website.

If you are exhibiting at a shared venue each artist will be required to pay the entry fee of £75. There will be no group entry fee and artists at a shared venue are no longer permitted to all come under one column.

Please ensure that you clearly state that there will be other exhibitors at your venue in order that you can be linked together in the brochure.

If exhibiting at a shared venue please ensure that all of your entries are consistent and that all sections of the form are completed to show the same information. This is particularly important with the directions to your venue and opening and closing times.

Copyright remains with the artist, however, by registering online and agreeing to the terms and conditions the artist agrees that his/her work can be used for the promotion of the Cloth Road Arts Week.

The closing date for your online submission is Thursday 30 November 2017. After this at no point can changes to your application be made. Therefore please ensure that you have submitted all the correct details and paid for your submission.

No entries will be accepted after Thursday 30 November 2017.


Your entry fee will be made via Paypal (please note you do not need to hold a Paypal account payment can be made via credit/debit card) and you will receive a receipt to confirm that the payment has been made.

You will also receive a confirmation email to confirm that your entry has been received.

There is no refund policy once your form has been submitted.